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  • Up to 225% multiplier bonus on online games
  • Highest selection per single ticket (up to 40 games)
  • Lowest starting capital (#25,000)
  • Free equipment
  • Dedicated customer support team available via telephone, mail and live chat on both our desktop and mobile website.

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The Nigerian economy, like that of many other nations in the world, is struggling in every sense of the word. The unemployment figures keep going up every day and even those gainfully employed are being underpaid and exploited. Everyone is battling with inflation and other attendant economic issues. In the midst of all these challenges, a lot of industrious and hardworking people are turning to legitimate ventures that can help them weather the economic storms. 

Small business ventures are seen as the answer to help get the economy going and provide gainful employment and a source of income to the teeming population in Nigeria.

So here are 5 business opportunities to consider as an aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria.

1. Bet Agent

Betking Agency is a classic example of a business position to further the goal of small business empowerment among the youth population in Nigeria. The advent of betting companies in the country and the huge reception of gaming practice has opened a huge business opportunity in the country that continues to empower many individuals and households. In the midst of the betting company crowd, the BetKing brand stands out as it continues to appeal to business-minded Nigerians with its offerings. Not only does the brand makes it easy to register as an agent through, but it also offers a huge 30% commission to agents as well as weekly and monthly bonuses. The business has zero free risk and with as little as N25,000 a person can become a business owner. It is important to mention also that agents registering through the portal get free equipment to start their business and support from the more established agents in the business.

2. Driving your car for Uber or Bolt

Uberpreneur is a term used to describe someone who works for Uber driving others, but still, remains his/her own boss.

Many people choose to drive for Uber, Bolt, In-Driver, and other ride-sharing platforms for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they want the freedom to drive whenever and wherever they choose. They’re the boss, and they can work for as long or as little as they like, according to their own schedule. Uber/Bolt drivers make between 80,000 and 120,000 Naira per week on average.

This business like the Bet Agent business mentioned above is currently one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria. It not only allows you to work when you choose (including nights and weekends), but it also allows you to earn some extra money while doing so. While some drivers work full-time, others only work at night after their day jobs.

3. Dropshipping

This is a type of business that may be started with very little money. You’ll need your laptop or smartphone, as well as internet access and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat ( which could serve as your online shop)

This is a profitable business concept that has brought in millions of naira for people. The key to success in this business is recognizing and understanding what people require at any given time, as well as knowing where and how to obtain those products (AliExpress is a good place to start dropshipping business in Nigeria).

4. Point Of Sale Operator (POS)

In locations where banking services are not available, some people have started POS service businesses. They generate money by charging consumers a certain amount of money for each transaction they complete for them. For example, a typical POS service center will charge you N100 for every N5000 cash withdrawal you make using their POS machine with your debit card. For cash deposits, the same amount applies. For example, N200 equals N10,000, N300 equals N15,000, and so on. However, the cost of cash transfer (bill payment, e.g., NEPA bill, Waste bill, etc.) appears to be lower than the cost of other charges. A typical POS service, for example, charges N100 to transfer money.

Profits range from N5000 to N10000 per day. While those who are less busy may earn between N2000 and N4000 each day.

5. Delivery/Logistics Services

Many E-commerce companies in Nigeria, such as Jumia and Konga, use motorcycles to distribute their goods, indicating that the delivery services industry in Nigeria is booming and unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

What about smaller independent retailers and shopping centers that have begun to offer home or office deliveries as a result of the Covid-19-inspired business innovations?

If you’re thinking about starting a bike delivery service in Nigeria, you’ve come to the right place.

As with any business, there may be ups and downs that you will endure as a beginner, but they are not obstacles that you cannot overcome.

It’s fascinating these days in Nigeria to know that you may be at home and have everything you buy delivered to your doorstep from anywhere.

People no longer enjoy going to stores, printing presses, or even laundry facilities, therefore partnering with those businesses will ensure a steady flow of customers for your delivery service.

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