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  • Weekly and monthly bonus on turnover
  • Commissions up to 30%
  • Competitive odds on sports and virtual trading
  • Prompt payment within 24 hours
  • Up to 225% multiplier bonus on online games
  • Highest selection per single ticket (up to 40 games)
  • Lowest starting capital (#25,000)
  • Free equipment
  • Dedicated customer support team available via telephone, mail and live chat on both our desktop and mobile website.

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BetKing / Career

If you are interested in any of the job vacancies, send an email to with the job title as the subject.


As an Account Manager, you would be responsible for managing the company’s relationships with its customers.

Account Manager Job Duties:
• Generate sales among client accounts, including upsetting and cross-selling.
• Operates as the point of contact for assigned customers.
• Develops and maintains long-term relationships with accounts.
• Makes sure clients receive requested products and services in a timely fashion.
• Communicates client needs and demands.
• Coordinate with staff members working on the same account to ensure consistent service.
• Keep records of client transactions and daily sales reports.


As an inspection officer, you will be responsible for visiting the prospect’s location, documenting the condition of the property, ascertaining any potential problems, and writing up inspection reports.

– Receiving and processing inspection orders.
– Charting route maps for location areas.
– Driving to site locations.
– Conducting visual inspections of the property and buildings.
– Photographing all areas of the property if required.
– Interviewing staff and property managers.
– Documenting potential problems and areas of concern.
– Compiling and presenting inspection reports.


The Operations Officer is responsible for managing the operations and maintenance of facilities.

The Operations officer job duties:

• Developing strategic long-range plans to achieve strategic objectives.
• Creating and managing the organization’s capital budget and expenses.
• Monitoring operational performance of both internal and external service providers.
• Monitoring facility condition and environmental performance and recommending or approving funding levels and spending plans.
• Providing a workplace setting that is conducive to productive work.
• Monitoring occupant satisfaction.
• Monitoring construction and renovation projects.
• Collecting and reporting data that is related to the condition of the facility and assets.
• Receiving and responding to approvals and notifications.

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